Fun Ways to Teach Musical Exploration, Creation & Improvisation

Fun Ways to Teach Musical Exploration, Creation & Improvisation

Many come to the conclusion that we begin learning our native language when we say our first words. But it actually starts much earlier than that! You began learning when your ears could hear their first sounds (at some point in the womb). Soon enough, listening is paired with imitation. Early on, the imitation is just babble, but soon the sounds start to contain meaning and begin corresponding with feelings, objects, and people.  

Teacher Spotlight: Todd Zucker

Todd joined Greensleeves in 2017 and has been teaching piano throughout the area since.

Just recently, Todd graduated from West Chester University with a Master’s degree in piano performance. He has taken the next year off from school to teach and prepare for auditions to get his doctorate. Part of that is learning a ton of new music, including Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Ginastera and then listening to a wide variety of music, primarily from the 60s and 70s but also modern rock, indie and hip hop. His dream job is to one day be a university professor and so each day spent practicing, teaching and learning helps him strive for this goal.

7 Reasons to Stick with Music Lessons Over the Summer

It’s finally summertime! For kids everywhere this means 3 glorious months of FREEDOM! A long-awaited respite from homework, sports practice, early mornings and math class has arrived and it's time for the pool, sandcastles and sleeping in.

But should summer also mean “freedom” from music lessons?

It’s certainly nice to make a clean break from all responsibility. But there are also some very distinct advantages to continuing with lessons over the summer months. We’ve broken down seven stand-out reasons to stick with your music lessons throughout the summer.

The 2018 Greensleeves Recitals

We had two wonderful days of recitals on Sunday, June 3rd at The Garage Youth Center in Kennett Square and Saturday, June 16th at Jacob's Music in West Chester. Students played classical, jazz, pop, traditional and original tunes on a wide variety of instruments. We had many long-time Greensleeves students perform, as well as lots of beginners and everyone sounded fantastic!  

5 Ways to Motivate Your Budding Musician to Practice

5 Ways to Motivate Your Budding Musician to Practice


Routine is the most important factor for attaining success in any field, and music study is no exception! The most effective way to establish a routine is to set aside time for practice each day (or as many days as your teacher deems necessary). This time should be framed as one that cannot be replaced by any other activity. Additionally, it is not necessary for this time to be the same each day, as each day of the week is sure to be filled with different activities. But the parent and/or student should pick a time when the practicing can be focused and not interrupted.

Helping Kids Cope with Stage Fright

In his first real performance, our son Wes belted out each and every Christmas carol at his preschool holiday showcase louder and more confidently than the next. His volume was only amplified by the increasing silence of his classmates, perhaps put-off by his antics and the entire mysterious, mystifying ritual unfolding around them.

Merry Musical Events for the Whole Family

Halloween is over, and there’s a chill in the air. As the holiday season swiftly approaches, now is the perfect time to plan for holiday fun.

It’s music that warms our hearts and brings us close in the chilly winter months, and what better way to celebrate the holidays than with local musical events the whole family can enjoy? We’ve rounded up a handful of merry performances just on the horizon.

Click on the headlines for more information or to get your tickets! 

How Musicianship Benefits the Whole Person (at any age!)

Music is a mysterious force and an integral part of our lives. It entertains and moves us, transports us in time and connects us to one another. Learning to play an instrument is a beautiful and complicated endeavor that requires a lot of time, energy and patience.

There are infinite ways to explore and grow musically, all of which benefit the whole person - for their whole life. Below we explore the ways in which musicianship can enhance the intellectual, physical, social, emotional, vocational and spiritual dynamics of an individual. 

5 Ways to Practice Smarter


Practicing frequently is more effective than practicing for a long time. Say a student practices 60 minutes per week (hopefully it is more!), all in one focused hour. That would be a great practice session. However, over the next six days chances are that he will forget a lot of what he did. Therefore, the beginning of the next session is spent trying to remember what was practiced previously.  

The 2017 Recitals in Review

This year’s Greensleeves Music recitals were truly fantastic. They spanned over two Sundays, May 21st and June 4th, and were held at a couple of our favorite venues, Jacob’s Music of West Chester and The Garage Youth Center in Kennett Square. Students of all ages played a wonderful array of music and showcased their talents and months of hard work.

Jacob’s Music is a piano store just outside of West Chester with a lovely private recital room. The Greensleeves Music recitals there are exclusive to piano students, who have the unique opportunity to play on a nine-foot Steinway grand piano.