28 Super-Sensational Gifts for the Musician in Your Life


If you’re looking for the perfect music-lover’s gift, you’re in the right place. From quirky apparel to hard core gear at all price points, this list should have something for every musicophile in your life… or you!


1. Wireless earbuds


For the music-lover on the go, Bluetooth earbuds allow for hand-free listening so they can workout, do the dishes or go for a hike all whilst enjoying their favorite music.

2. Live, local music

    With a gift certificate to a restaurant that features live music, you’re supporting your local economy, local musicians and giving the gift of a night out on the town!

3. AM/FM Radio


In the digital age, a return to radio is a refreshing experience and a nice way to fill the home with a variety of music as well as the news, weather, and local perspectives. Find a retro-styled model for a vintage vibe.

4. Membership to a local public radio station

Help to support free public radio and the rich, diverse musical exposure it provides with a membership to a local radio station. This often includes special passes and goods, so you’ll have something tangible to wrap as well.

5. Music lessons

A set of music lessons makes a fine gift for aspiring and experienced musicians alike. By giving a package of music lessons, you provide just enough instruction for them to gain some traction and decide if they’d like to commit long-term.

6. Gift card

It might be the easy way out, but it works! Gift cards make fine gifts that allow a music-lover to buy their own sheet music, gear, songs or albums. Find a small, local music business and hook it up!

7. Professional photos and business cards

Help a musician promote themselves and their work with a professional photo shoot and/or business cards. This is especially nice for someone who might not splurge on it him/herself but is sure to make use of it as they grow professionally.

8. Musical wine goblets

These major scale musical wine glasses are pretty darn cool. With some simple sheet music, you could turn the next dinner party into a miniature concert.

9. Supplemental instruments

Help a musician expand their repertoire and experiment within their expertise with these supplemental instruments ideas:

        For the brass player: a plastic trombone is a low-maintenance, low-cost, lightweight option that allows them to bring their music along with them wherever they go. The EVI, an electronic valve instrument, also allows for practice on-the-go. Hooked up to a computer, it uses the same fingering of brass instruments without the worry of the correct embouchure.


        For the guitarist: a ukulele makes a great gift, as it’s essentially the same instrument, just smaller, lighter, and simpler to play. An acoustic backpacker guitar or pocket strings also make fantastic gifts for a guitarist.

        For the drummer: the cajón, a Peruvian box-shaped drum is easily transportable and requires only the hands for playing acoustically beautiful rhythms.

        For the pianist: a silicone roll-up piano allows a musican to take their keys out and about without hiring a piano mover!

           For the woodwind player: a fine harmonica makes a lovely, portable present for flexing folky muscles. Likewise, the EWI is an electronic wind synthesizer that’s both easy to use and play.

10. Studio time

 Seek out your local recording studio for a gift certificate, and allow your musician friend or family member to professionally record their best (or favorite) work!

11. A game

Music IQ party game or trivia game give musicians the opportunity to sharpen their knowledge and compete intellectually, all in good fun.

12. An app

There’s an app for that… it’s usually true. For any level and type of musician, there are endless apps for musical learning, creation, recording and experimentation. Staff Wars helps beginners work on note names, while Amplitube “turns your iPad into a multi-effects processor.” Streaming apps also provide non-stop access to enormous music libraries.

13. Concert tickets

Scan the calendars of area venues and theaters to see what stands out over the coming months and year. This is a great way to provide something to look forward to as well as a memorable musical experience.

14. Bose Speaker

The Soundlink Mini Speaker by Bose is pretty hard to beat. It provides exceptional sound quality, takes up almost no space, can be used wirelessly, and travels easily.

15. Sheet-music Carrier

For the performer on the go, find a stylish satchel or shoulder bag for carrying for sheet music.

16. A book


Books of all genres can provide an escape into music history, technology and a look

behind the stages and personas of legendary musicians and bands.


17. Pocket Mixer

A pocket DJ Mixer allows for on-the-go, anytime music mixing - no power source needed!


18. Nice picks, bow, mallets, or drum-sticks

They can (almost) never have enough!



19. Home decor

Cute, quirky gifts like a mix-tape floor mat or music symbol throw pillows go great in any home or apartment.

20. Ticket stub album


Help the concert goer keep a visual record of their experiences with a concert ticket album, which works like a scrapbook in holding treasured musical memories.

21. Artwork

Particularly well-suited for a musician’s studio or office, artwork can make a fantastic gift that keeps on giving.

22. Headphones

Enhance at-home and in-office listening by giving the gift of high-end headphones. Beats By Dre and Bose dominate this market but there are plenty of other options.

23. Apparel

Get them on the band t-shirt bandwagon, keep them warm with a beanie hat, showcase their insider status with an industry hoodie, help them express themselves with a saying t-shirt, or encourage them to geek out with an instrument patent tee.

24. Ear Plugs

Protect a musician's precious ears with quality ear plugs for those high-decibel scenarios.

25. DJ Gear

Help the disc jockey in your life put on their best show with the gift of colorful lighting, disco projection, or even a fog machine!

26. A Tune-Up

A professional piano tuning, or instruments to tune guitar, brass, drums make great gifts that ensure beautiful sounds for years to come.

27. Magazine subscription

Help a musician stay up on their craft and informed of the scene with a magazine subscription. Consumable and low-maintenance, it’s a great gift for the musician who has everything.


28. Vinyl

Visually appealing and true collector’s items, vinyls make fantastic presents for musicians and music appreciators alike.





Hopefully somewhere above is the perfect gift for the musicophile in your life!