Teacher Spotlight: Todd Zucker


Todd joined Greensleeves in 2017 and has been teaching piano throughout the area since.

Just recently, Todd graduated from West Chester University with a Master’s degree in piano performance. He has taken the next year off from school to teach and prepare for auditions to get his doctorate. Part of that is learning a ton of new music, including Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt and Ginastera and then listening to a wide variety of music, primarily from the 60s and 70s but also modern rock, indie and hip hop. His dream job is to one day be a university professor and so each day spent practicing, teaching and learning helps him strive for this goal.

Todd recently presented at the Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association conference in Indiana PA as part of Dr. Robert Benford’s session, “A Return to Natural Coordination at the Piano.”

When he’s not teaching or practicing, Todd is raising his new puppy, a 4-month old Australian Shepherd named Sage, who is a troublemaker.

As a teacher, Todd says, “I like to cater to the interests and needs of each student - no two lessons are the same! Each and every student requires a different type of teaching style, materials and even musical terminology. My personal focus is on classical music, but I teach it sparingly, as I find many students are more interested in playing music that they relate to better.”

Todd studied music composition as an undergraduate, which now informs his teaching. He says, “Although I now identify as a pianist and teacher, rather than a composer, I still utilize the skills I acquired to compose and arrange music to fit the needs of my students.”

He adds, “I believe that the values one learns in music lessons can apply to all parts of life! A student who learns how to succeed at the piano will also learn how to succeed in school, extra-curricular activities, and many future endeavors! This is a topic I like to frequently address in lessons.”

We are thrilled to have Todd on board as part of the dynamic #Teamsleeves teaching team.