Music Lessons

Helping Kids Cope with Stage Fright

In his first real performance, our son Wes belted out each and every Christmas carol at his preschool holiday showcase louder and more confidently than the next. His volume was only amplified by the increasing silence of his classmates, perhaps put-off by his antics and the entire mysterious, mystifying ritual unfolding around them.

5 Ways to Practice Smarter


Practicing frequently is more effective than practicing for a long time. Say a student practices 60 minutes per week (hopefully it is more!), all in one focused hour. That would be a great practice session. However, over the next six days chances are that he will forget a lot of what he did. Therefore, the beginning of the next session is spent trying to remember what was practiced previously.  

The 2017 Recitals in Review

This year’s Greensleeves Music recitals were truly fantastic. They spanned over two Sundays, May 21st and June 4th, and were held at a couple of our favorite venues, Jacob’s Music of West Chester and The Garage Youth Center in Kennett Square. Students of all ages played a wonderful array of music and showcased their talents and months of hard work.

Jacob’s Music is a piano store just outside of West Chester with a lovely private recital room. The Greensleeves Music recitals there are exclusive to piano students, who have the unique opportunity to play on a nine-foot Steinway grand piano.