Student Spotlight: Grace

We’re excited to share our first Student Spotlight on voice student Grace!

Grace has been working with teacher Devaney on honing her craft as a singer and musician. Through a variety of exercises and instruction, the two have worked to improve her vocal technique and control.

Grace is currently focused on making her high notes more resonant and expanding the range of her beautiful voice. She and Devaney have worked on good posture, breathing skills, projection, diction, good vowels and vocal placement. Devaney says Grace has improved a great deal in a short amount of time, particularly with singing resonantly in her vocal break.

Grace is a naturally talented musician who also plays the piano and ukulele. She is also interested in music production and would like to learn other instruments. She’s most musically challenged by memorization and sticking to the rules of playing or singing a new piece as opposed to how she’d prefer to play/sing it on her own. Grace loves many different musical genres and styles and shared some of her favorites with us. Check out her spotlight and a clip of her singing during a recent voice lesson!

voice lesson

Thank you Grace and Devaney!

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