Student Spotlight: Annie

Annie is a dedicated musician who proves the power of daily practice! She began cello lessons with teacher Lily this fall and has advanced very quickly in a short amount of time. Annie tries to practice an hour every day.

Annie brings a solid grounding in music to the cello after playing the piano for five years. This experience set her up for reading the clefs, notes, time signatures and rhythms and gave her an understanding of many musical terms.

Lily says, “Annie is ALWAYS prepared with the music I assigned so we are almost always working on a new piece each week. Because of her consistent practicing, we get to focus on musical elements in the lessons, like phrasing, dynamics, shifting an other techniques. I absolutely love the questions she asks and she’s always eager to ask them. Annie has a great ear - not only for intonation but she’s also able to hear and feel when the cello is ringing and create the best tone possible.”

The two are currently working on shifting, bow division, 2nd, 3rd and 4th positions, and understanding key signatures.

Read more about Annie below, and enjoy a video of her playing Tango and Sitting in the Shade!

Cello Student Annie

Thank you Annie & Lily!

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