Student Spotlight: Emma

Emma began lessons with teacher Caitlin four years ago in June of 2015. The two have worked on piano and voice over the years and have made tremendous progress. Emma’s performances at the annual Greensleeves recitals have always been a highlight, and she is a part of school choirs, orchestras, and musicals.

Her teacher Caitlin says, “Our biggest accomplishments together are Emma’s learning to read lead sheet, navigate her passaggio (the break in her voice), strengthen her head voice, sight sing, and adapt vocally to multiple genres including pop, classical, and musical theater.” Emma’s next goals are to develop a more flexible range in her voice and to increase her performance confidence and ability to express herself.

Here’s Emma playing and singing, “Let Her Go” by Passenger:

More about Emma and her musical inspirations and achievements:


Thank you Emma and Caitlin!!

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