Teacher Spotlight: Ian Sadock

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Ian Sadock is an award-winning pianist, composer, and one of Greensleeves’s premier faculty members in the arenas of piano technique, creative improvisation, and jazz composition. Recently awarded the Boysie Lowery Living Jazz Residency for the second year in a row, Ian premiered a provocative new composition for string quintet and electronics, entitled, “we should begin manufacturing bulletproof children.” (view the live performance featuring members of the Philadelphia Orchestra by clicking here),  amongst several other works. Additionally, Ian’s summer performance schedule includes appearances at Yachstock RiverJam, Mad Liberation Festival, a three week run of “American Idiot” at Villagers Theatre, the Reading Phillies, a unique engagement at Chaddsford Winery, as well as regular venues. To see Ian’s performance schedule check out iansadock.com for up-to-date listings. Ian’s thesis work, “The Fundamental Parameters of Tension and Release”, was unanimously accepted by The University of the Arts Division of Graduate Studies in May 2018 and is published at https://iansadock.com/research/.

Ian’s educational philosophy is derived from the examples of engaging music educators, veteran colleagues on the bandstand, as well as a creative approach to self-discipline. Paramount are: finding joy in creative expression, the exploration of music’s reflection of the beauty of the universal human condition, and the broad benefits of disciplined study. Approaches include traditional methods, such as an emphasis on proper form, fingering, and Taubman technique; as well as progressive concepts focusing on complete and versatile musicianship and improvisation accessible to students of all ages, young and old. Over the course of a lesson, Ian’s students play, clap, sing, listen, analyze, and usually laugh!

Ian holds a Master of Music degree from The University of the Arts, a Bachelor of Music in Music Performance (as well as a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology) from West Chester University, and studied at the Nelly Berman School of Music. Ian is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) and plays Nord keyboards. Look out for his upcoming CD release and tour with the UArts quintet.  

We’re lucky to have Ian as a part of Teamsleeves for piano/guitar/improv/theory/composition lessons throughout Chester County and beyond!